Carbon Fiber Wallet Launch

Dark Gryphon Carbon Fiber Wallets are a new and innovative line utilizing the latest in Carbon Fiber tech. Our designs are made with a variety of different genuine carbon fiber weaves and special waterproof/Scratch proof coatings. The designs are heavily inspired by carbon fiber racing parts found in high end super cars. The special thing to notice is that the carbon fiber coatings are flexible and resilient guaranteed to last for a very long time. Gone are the days of rigid carbon fiber panels. Our materials are soft, leather like, and deliver outstanding durability. Not only that but we have integrated Ni-Co RFID shielding technology using hidden metallic fabric inside the pockets.

carbon fiber wallet

We've unveiled 4 new carbon fiber wallets designs and are excited to bring you something new and unique. Special thanks to all who participated in our Indiegogo campaign.

Carbon fiber Wallet Beige

  Recently we have announced our prototype Gen-2 Carbon fiber. It is a new flexible version that has a leathery feel and rather than cover the carbon fiber entirely with coating it only fills into the microscopic gaps between the fibers. This results in an almost raw looking carbon fiber that has outstanding durability, good binding between the fibers and can be completely waterproofed if needed. You can run your hands on the material and feel the texture of the weave compared to epoxy treated carbon. We have been able to apply this method to even some of the heaviest weaves up to 12k twill. 

 We are very excited that we will be using this new material on some of our upcoming designs and hope this will change the face of futuristic luxury high tech materials. Take a look at our new 6k twill weave.