Mens RFID Wallet 2.0

Real Carbon Fiber Exterior with Soft Flexible Gloss Coating

Modern Materials and Design - A fusion of real carbon fiber and genuine leather.

RFID security to protect your credit cards

 Most new credit cards have RFID chips to allow you to place your card over a reader and complete a transaction without having to swipe it. Unfortunately, this makes it possible for identity theft with handheld card scanners to gather your  information off your card remotely. We've employed a double layer metallic weave (Ni-Co RFID shielding) inside the lining of the pockets to help block the ability of hackers from stealing the information by remote means. 
  The exterior of this carbon fiber wallet has a special soft coating and a unique 1x1 carbon fiber twill that has a micro checkered feel. You can actually feel the texture of the carbon fiber weave as you run your fingers over it.

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