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What is Carbon Fiber and why is it so special ?
Carbon Fiber is an exotic high tech material that has amazing tensile strength and beautiful patterns. 

The Science: Carbon fiber is composed of microscopic crystalline structures of carbon. Stronger than steel in tensile strength and lighter than aluminum, the strongest carbon fiber in the world is up to five times stronger than steel when used in special applications.

Current Industry Uses: Being an extremely strong and super-lightweight material it has found popular uses in special high-performance applications such as NASA Space shuttles, fighter jets, and most iconically in high end super cars. In these applications its been used as a rigid lightweight material. We have taken the science beyond and made it into a resilient and flexible fabric. 

How Are we using it?

Carbon fiber car

In collaboration with material engineers we developed custom treatments and coatings that would make the carbon fiber flexible and drape-able compared to its traditional rigid form. It is water proof, resilient and easily flexible. We are now able to use it to make carbon fiber wallets and messenger bags. We believe that this is beyond a doubt the next generation in luxury high tech materials and just the beginning of the path to many endless possibilities. Here's a sneak peak at our Gen-2 Carbon Fiber in development.